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New to GoGun UK - Air Rifles!


GoGun are making way for some exciting new products this year. In doing so we are selling all Steambow products at hugely discounted prices! Buy them now or you will miss out for good. 

Cobra RX Adder with 7 shot magazine

This crossbow is a cutting edge technology. The 7 shot repeater magazine makes it extremely fast to reload and the red dot sight makes it deadly accurate. 

Challenger .50cal Bullpup

F-Version - Free Air Rifle with F-Mark (max 16 Joule - 12ft lb)


9mm F-Series (max 16 Joule - 12ft lb)

Welcome to GoGun UK

Here at GoGun, we only sell specific sports equipment that is available in the UK without licenses or permits – but these are certainly not the run-of-the-mill items. All of our products are made to the highest standards and are extremely high powered.

The GoGun corporation was founded in 2017 and is the successor (not legally though) to "The Slingshot Channel Store”. This was necessary because of our steep growth rate and the the many additional product lines we took on. The spirit of “The Slingshot Channel” is still with us though. We like weapons with lots of power and extreme accuracy. Most of the freely available weapons in Germany do not have those features. But here, you can still find them, the legal weapons that are proper and powerful!

Enormously strong arrow airguns, crossbows that shoot steel balls with ridiculous speed, high end hunting bows that are made from the very best materials and of course, slingshots, designed by Jörg Sprave. You just have to be 18 to buy any of our products. No licenses are required here in the UK.

GoGun UK is the UK division of GoGun and we will not ship outside of the UK. For European sales please visit and for sales in the USA please visit

This website is growing along with the quantity of UK legal items that we will offer.

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