Black Powder and fuses

Introducing our own range of Black Powders in a variety of coarse and fine grains

4FA powder is used for historical small arms such as muskets, rifles and large pistols.
Size - 0.85-1.6mm 

Use the most course powder you can find. This is usually called “Cannon Grade” or #1 Size - 0.8-4.0mm

This is the finest grade you can buy, used for small arms and priming. Size - 0.25-0.5mm

The letter 'F' stands for "Fine" and dates back to the time when the grains were designated F or C (for "coarse" grains). The number of times the letter F occurs in the powder grade shows the average size of the powder grains. The more times the letter F occurs in the name,
the smaller the grains.